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VERBIS was founded on a simple business premise: that unmatched quality and attentive client service could be competitive differentiators in the language services industry. We utilize a rigorously tested network of industry-expert linguists and full-time quality managers to ensure that the Quality of Service we deliver is unquestionable. VERBIS offers multiple levels of service based on client needs, ranging from draft / summary translation up to certified translation, featuring our multi-step translation and review process to ensure the highest level of accuracy and meet the evolving needs of any kind of businesses.

As digital, social, and mobile content needs continue to grow, we remain committed to helping clients succeed across geographies, platforms, and channels with our unmatched experience, ability to scale, and focus on continuous innovation.


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Written Translation

One of the core services offered by VERBIS is document translation services. We provide professional translation services in many written languages. VERBIS translations services are secure, timely, accurate, competitively priced, and customized to fit all your professional needs. In today’s global economy, using our professional translation service allows you to efficiently conduct business — in many languages.

Getting documents translated is simple: file transfer – quote confirmation – translation process & delivery.

Our thorough quality assurance process represents the utmost in professional attention to detail: start – primary analysis – typesetting/translation/glossary composition – proofreading – secondary analysis – delivery.

We have translated all types of documentation (electronic and paper), including, but not limited to: contracts, correspondence, marketing brochures, government documents, judicial rulings, technical manuals, educational materials, legal filings, website text, e-mails, software-related documentation, books, advertisements, public notices, non-profit related text, financial information, licenses, divorce decrees, birth certificates, transcripts, diplomas, safety notices, pharmaceutical materials, blogs, news feeds, magazines, etc.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is where the interpreter stands beside the speaker and interprets in sections, i.e. consecutively. Whilst the speaker is talking, depending on the length of the sections of speech, the interpreter may take notes, and then when the speaker stops, the interpreter repeats what has been said into the target language. The interpreter will reproduce what has been said accurately and faithfully.

For consecutive interpreting, our experienced, qualified interpreters work both into and out of their mother tongue.

Consecutive interpreting is appropriate for a number of different settings. More frequently it is assigned to small to medium-sized gatherings, but is perfectly acceptable for larger gatherings with the aid of a microphone and speakers.

If you need consecutive interpreting for your business, VERBIS has the right solutions for you and is here to provide you with the highest quality consecutive interpretations on the market through its expert team of professional interpreters, which are certified in consecutive interpretation.

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous Interpretation is a process which allows people to communicate directly across language and cultural boundaries using specialized technology and professional interpreters who are trained to listen to one language while speaking simultaneously in another. Simultaneous Interpretation differs from other types of interpretation, and from translation, which refers to the written word.

Simultaneous interpreting is frequently used in high level international meetings such as multinational annual general meetings, international product launches and global sales presentations.

At VERBIS, we only employ the most experienced and highly-specialised linguists in the industry. No matter your industry or the subject matter of your conference or meeting - be it financial, legal, etc. - we'll provide an interpreter who knows how to accurately relay the message to your target audience.

Also, if you are looking for an audio interpretation equipment just drop us a line and we will provide you with the most professsional one.

Industry Expertise


We provide technical translation of support documents, user guides, patents, manufacturing, compliance, and standards information and many others technical documents in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Experienced translators who specialize in handling financial content and communications are responsible for your financial document translation.


Our specialists possess a detailed knowledge of legal language, law concepts, and parlance that ensures consistency across languages.

Scientific/ Academic

Scientific translations cover the translation of many types of specialised texts (scientific/educational articles, monographs, doctoral theses, etc ) that require a high level of skill and knowledge on the part of the person dealing with the terminology.


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